Why do you call your novels “musicals”? 


Each act bears the  title of a song applicable to the plot line within the act. Sprinkled  throughout are snippets of lyrics. In a perfect world (at least as I  envision a perfect world), life would have a soundtrack like movies do.  Of course, this would be difficult to achieve in reality, because life  is not a movie where the focus is on specific individuals and one  (convoluted or not) story line and at any given moment people are  experiencing a range of situations that no one song could encompass them  all and then you would have a cacophony of sound that would result in a  very disharmonious world. And that really steps hard on my theory of a  perfect world. Additionally, every author wants Hollywood to adapt their  book to a movie; so I’ve made the transition easy with a built-in  soundtrack. 


Is your legal name Jan St. Louis?


Not yet. I’ve  toyed with the idea, but the amount of hassle it would involve quells my  enthusiasm for proceeding. Besides, I undoubtedly would forget to tell  someone and my hard-earned stellar credit rating would drop through the  floor or I would no longer be eligible for collecting the grand prize in  a contest I entered under my previously legal name.


Are you writing a sequel to Googol, the Musical?


Alas, I had  planned to do so, but there are not enough hours in a day and days in a  lifetime. Both of the novels I’ve published required substantial  research, and I want to spend more time writing. That said, if there was a convincing appeal for a sequel, I certainly could be persuaded to write one.


There’s a lot of esoteric “stuff” incorporated into your books. Are you afraid some people won’t “get it”?


Of course I am. Some of my references are quite clever, if I do say so myself (click here  to read them). However, the first priority is entertainment. I would  prefer a reader be entertained and not “get it” than to “get it” and not  be entertained.


This isn’t really a question, but, uh, you know, you really have a twisted way of thinking.




Can I join your official fan club?


Do I sense an offer to start one? 

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