Earth, The Musical


Googol, The Musical


Above are the covers of my first two novels. I will post the third cover when it is completed. For now, Cerebelland exists as an unpublished manuscript. Meanwhile, you can find excerpts by clicking on the Cerebelland Excerpts menu button above.

Earth, the Musical and Googol, the Musical are companion novels, but each stands on its own. You can read one without reading the other (but why would you?). ETM came  first, by several years — not for lack of ideas, but simply because its author had a full-time job as a magazine editor and writer, as well  as a house requiring regular maintenance.

Here's what some readers had to say about the earlier books:    


"... an unexpected, slightly whacky and very smart detour into new territory."


"Batten down the lunar hatch for a far-out ride aboard a celestial gem ..."

"... a whirlwind tour of the psyche and character ..."

"Think Kurt Vonnegut channeling Andy Warhol ..."

"... reads like a movie."

"Reminds me of Robert Heinlein, with a sense of humor."

"Sophisticated and intelligent in a bizarre sort of way ..."

"This could be one of those genius maverick works ..."

"... a wonderful example of what writing should be!"

"It really captures the spirit of Douglas Adams ..."

"... all the markings of a classic science fiction comedy." 

"... You are in for a treat when you read this book. It is clever, entertaining, and very creative. Jan St. Louis is a master when it comes to storytelling and character development."

"Googol, the Musical is a must read for its glib delivery, innovative plot twists, and the pure reading pleasure it offers."

"Jan [St. Louis] keepts you guessing where things can possibly go, and there's always a surprise in store."

"How does the author live with herself with her brain being textured with every word in the dictionary and also telling her to make up her own as well as rearrange all the words already spoken for. She shares this genius with us throughout the book Then there is the question of how she can deal with and give voice through the written word to all the absurdities and conundrums life has to offer."

"Buckle up, hang on, and enjoy this Jan St. Louis word play."

"OK, I don't read science fiction. I don't like science fiction. BUT, I love this book. You will too."